Our Mission

TRAC (Technology, Research and Communications) Supporting non-profits, small businesses and community organizations through research, marketing and communication services. A social enterprise, developed by the Social Planning Council of Ottawa, TRAC supports the needs of nonprofits, small businesses and community organizations, while fostering and empowering young people, helping them to grow their skill sets, and gain new employment opportunities.
In an era where digital presence is crucial, TRAC is dedicated to transforming communication and marketing for organizations across sectors. Acknowledging the challenges posed by inflation, we offer cost-effective solutions to enhance brand visibility. Our tiered Social Media Management, Communications Plan Development, Content Creation, Website Development, Maintenance, and Photography & Video Services cater to diverse needs and budgets.
We believe in democratizing strategic communication, making quality services accessible to all.
Our commitment to low costs is not just about exceptional services but being a partner in your success journey. Join us to elevate your brand affordably and effectively in a competitive landscape.

Our Partners

Trac comprises various partners, programs and social enterprises of the Social Planning Council of Ottawa to deliver our services

Our Clients

Our clientele is always evolving. Here are some clients that we are working with currently or have previously provided services to:
For price inquiries contact us and Discover unbeatable prices and exceptional quality with us, ensuring you get the best value for your money.
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